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$8.2 Billion
Gross Domestic Product (GDP)
4.1 Million
₦1,300 Billion
$737 Million
Total Debt
₦18 Billion
Internally Generated Revenue (IGR)
₦37 Billion
Federal Allocation

Budget Deficit

2018 Budget Deficit Ratio
Budget Deficit Ratios for Cross River

Past Budgets for Cross River (₦ Billions)

Debt Management

2018 Debt Revenue Ratio
2018 Debt GDP Ratio
Internal Debt Ratio to Revenue for Cross River

Internal Debt for Cross River (₦ Billions)

External Debt Ratio to Gross Domestic Product for Cross River

External Debt for Cross River ($ Millions)

Revenue Generation

2018 Budget Efficiency Ratio
2018 IGR Revenue Ratio
2018 Revenue Per Capita
Budget Efficiency Ratio for Cross River

Revenue Per Capita for Cross River

IGR Revenue Ratio for Cross River

Revenue for Cross River (₦ Billions)

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